neuroQuiro was established as a pioneering holistic centre in Barcelona, integrating functional neurology, chiropractic adjustments, applied kinesiology and rehabilitation and functional training exercises.

At neuroQuiro we take care of the most important part of the athlete: the BRAIN.

We use multiple biomarkers in order to ensure an improvement in the functioning of your body. These include: normoreactive muscles (i.e., neither inhibited nor hypertonic), postural changes, pupillary response, balanced body weight distribution, balance, ocular motor control, breathing pattern, heart rate, oxygen saturation, motor coordination, correct movement patterns, etc. After a functional examination, we will assess which are the most suitable techniques and tips for your case.

The techniques are tailored to the patient, depending on their age, physical condition and whether they are apprehensive of any therapeutic modality such as acupuncture or spinal cord cavitations. There are many stimuli that can achieve the same therapeutic goal and we want you to feel comfortable with us.

Did you know…

Chiropractic recognises that the body is much more than the most perfect and sophisticated machine in the universe: it has a capacity for self-regeneration that is known, in chiropractic terms, as innate intelligence.

Chiropractic is the health profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the effects that these disorders have on the functioning of the nervous system and on health in general.