Functional Neurology

What is Functional Neurology?

Functional Neurology, also known as chiropractic neurology, is a discipline developed from basic neuroscience principles and with an understanding of how the most recent scientific research can apply to patient care.

Through a careful assessment, a chiropractor functional neurologist not only it determines which areas of a person’s nervous system are dysfunctional, but will also design an appropriate treatment plan to improve the quality of function of a patient’s nervous system function.

How Functional Neurology helps me?

An unbalance nervous system can cause a great range of problems as headaches, vertigo, attention disorders, hyperactivity, loss of memory, etc.

With Functional Neurology we restore the adequate brain stimulation, reducing the neuroinflammation, providing the essential nutrients and putting the regular cellular function back.

Functional Neurology examines and identifies lower function areas testing eyes movements, control, and speed of fine movements, muscle tone, balance, etc.

Do you want to know more?

The functional neurologist is trained to diagnose and treat functional disorders. They use specifically designed therapies to enhance the performance of your brain and nervous system with treatments that do not include drugs or surgeries.